Traffic & Transportation

road congested with cars

Traffic has been a major concern in Studio City since the early days of SCRA. Public transportation, parking and development affect how traffic can be managed and controlled. The SCRA has taken an active role in all of these issues so that responsible development can be encouraged while the community is protected from gridlock.

SCRA has worked over the years to bring public transit service to our community, while insisting upon community improvements in and around transit stations. Through the Ventura/Cahuenga Boulevard Specific Plan and conditions imposed on local development projects, we have obtained intersection improvements at key locations such as Laurel Canyon and Ventura Blvd., left turn signals at Ventura and Colfax and Laurel Canyon and Moorpark, as well as turn restrictions and “traffic calming” measures that protect local neighborhoods from through traffic.

The SCRA was a consistent lobbying force for the parking structure on Ventura Boulevard behind Bank of America. This structure improves the flow of traffic in our business center and thus enhance the entire community. A healthy business community adds to the enjoyment and value of living in Studio City.

One important development that will greatly affect traffic is the proposal by Harvard Westlake on Coldwater Canyon south of Ventura Blvd. to build a parking garage on the west side of Coldwater across from the Harvard Westlake campus.  (Click on "Hot Topics" under "Home"  page) 

Bob Hope Airport (Burbank)

bob hope airport

Studio City is directly under the Bob Hope Airport flight path and receives over 90% of noise from flight departures. The Bob Hope Airport Committee's primary goal is to promote our "Share The Noise" objective which would result in a lessening of aircraft noise over Studio City. The Committee monitors the Bob Hope Airport Expansion plans, represents Studio City at hearings on noise sharing, curfew enforcement, FAA requirements, etc. The committee attends hearings and meeting on the Bob Hope Airport and makes our interests known.

People are needed to sit on this community as the FAA is investigating implementing mandatory flight restriction times for Bob Hope Airport. Someone who is interested in becoming knowledgeable about our local airports can be very valuable to the residents of Studio City.  Attending a few meetings each year to keep track of the changes proposed at this near-by facility is all it takes to make a big impact on our community.  Please contact the SCRA if you are interested in serving on this Committee.


Burbank Airport Accepting Comments on Mandatory Noise Reduction

Recently, the FAA conducted a "Part 161 Study" to consider a mandatory prohibition to apply to all aircraft that land at or depart from the Burbank Airport between 10:00 p.m. and 6:59 a.m. with certain exceptions, e.g., fire, military and medical emergency flights. You can review the study at Click on the 161 Study.

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