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100% of all tax deductible donations are used for the beautification of Studio City.   SCBA is a 501(c)3 Not for Profit corporation.


 The Studio City Beautification Association (SCBA), an affiliate of the Studio City Residents Association, is dedicated to enhancing Studio City.  

  • 2009
    • SCBA planted and continues to maintain the mini park called the Oasis at 11210 Ventura Blvd (across from Marshalls)
  • 2010
    • SCBA Moorpark Parkway was created on Moorpark opposite Moorpark Park. 
  • 2011  
    • SCBA planted the small median at Maxwelton and Laurel Terrace
  •  2012 
    • SCBA created a bird sanctuary on Laurel Canyon at Oakdell
    • SCBA created the Radford Art Walk in the 4300 block of Radford
    • SCBA re-landscaped the two small triangles on Ventura Place and Laurel Canyon and added the obelisk 

·        2013 SCBA has two projects planned

o    Adopt and landscape the median located on Ventura Blvd between Lankershim and Vineland across from the “Park and Ride” facility

o   SCBA has been asked to review and undertake improvements on the west side of Laurel Canyon at Wilacre Park. (The bus stop area) 

Completed Projects:

  • 174 Ventura Blvd Trees from Lankershim to Fulton.
  • Two medians on Laurel Canyon north of Ventura Blvd
  • Ventura Place Obelisk
  • Ventura Place/ Laurel Canyon median and monument
  • Ventura Place island at Radford
  • Vineland and Ventura median
  • Laurel Canyon at 101 Fwy median
  • Monument at Campo de Cahuenga Way
  • Coldwater at the 101 Fwy median  

 The SCBA has secured a number of private and public grants, all of which go towards its very large maintenance program of weeding, tree trimming, irrigation repair, monument restoration and other ongoing maintenance expenses.

SCBA is managed by volunteers but is run as a business, keeping tight control on expenses and making every dollar work. The SCBA leverages city and partner resources and employs sustainable ecological methods.

Contact us at 818-509-0320

or Attn: Beth Dymond, President

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