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There Is Strength in Numbers - Become a Member!

Dear Prospective Member:

The Studio City Residents Association (SCRA) is the only organization working solely for residents, whether they are homeowners, condo owners or renters. The challenges of increased traffic, development and mansionization, and the importance of preserving the beauty and culture of our Studio City “village,” give every reason to join the SCRA. ;

When we drive down any of our Studio City streets and boulevards, we know what's at stake. Over-sized condominiums, massive mini-mansions filling postage stamp lots. Traffic on Ventura Boulevard, Moorpark, Laurel Canyon, Whitsett and Coldwater is fast approaching total gridlock. This unchecked growth and congestion has a negative impact on all our lives.

The SCRA is managed and funded solely by Studio City's residents. Our volunteer representatives attend hearings, meet with local elected officials and carry out many other activities on behalf of our residents. Our sister organization, the Studio City Beautification Association, continues to make Studio City a “greener,” cleaner place to live. The SCRA works with public safety officials to help ensure our members have the information and tools so important for emergency preparedness and overall safety. And the SCRA continues to work on your behalf to preserve our green spaces, especially Save LA River Open Space, formally known as Save Studio City Golf & Tennis.


Membership in SCRA is critical. With your support, SCRA can continue these activities and more.We can hire professionals to fight on your behalf when needed, produce the comprehensive newsletter and issue e-mail alerts that keep our members informed and ensure the voice of Studio City residents are heard at City Hall.


1) Go to Join/Renew the SCRA to pay by credit card.

2) You can pay by printing the Membership Application and mailing it to:

Studio City Residents Association
P.O. Box 1374
Studio City, CA 91614
Make your check payable to Studio City Residents Association

3) It goes without saying that there is strength in numbers so why not join our other 1,560 households as members. Numbers really do count.
Please join the SCRA. Participate in our community. Our goal is not only to maintain but to improve our quality of life. We hope you will help us make that happen.

Volunteer with the SCRA

Thank you,

Alan Dymond

President, Studio City Residents Association

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