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alan dymond

by Alan Dymond

President’s Report.

At the SCRA Community Meeting in September Councilmember Krekorian stated that his priority for Studio City is to keep the Weddington Golf and Tennis as open space. Studio City Residents Association (SCRA) and Save Los Angeles River Open Space (SLAROS) were encouraged by his statement to keep this property as open space. These two organizations, SCRA and SLAROS have working towards this for the past thirteen years

In another development SLAROS recently had an “Organizational Change Management Consulting” review and recommendations by a masters candidate at USC Anneberg School for Communication and Journalism. A consulting proposal was made to the SLAROS board the objective of which was to identify whether present organizational operations were suited to SLAROS mission and goals, and to provide recommendations on organizational changes in management. The analysis and survey is now complete: the recommendations were accepted in full and are now in the process being implemented.

The report analyzed four elements as applied to SLAROS: its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The second analysis identified areas of Political, Economical, Social and Technological concerns for action by SCRA and SLAROS in going forward. Steering committees have been established. If anyone is interested please call the office 818 509 0230 or e-mail .

The Urban Forestry, a division of the City Department of Public Works advises when planted on parkways, ivy and other vine-like plants serve useful aesthetic and soils erosion purposes however  when uncontrolled these plants create two serious problems. When they matt it results in unsafe walking conditions and, when unchecked, the vines will grow up into the trees and may suffocate and kill the trees. The Division discourages the use if ivy and like- kind plants in the public- right- of- way usually on the parkway. When an adjacent owner plants ivy and suchlike vines, the owner is responsible to:

 a)  make sure the plants do not hinder the public’s ingress and egress across the parkway making safe walking conditions through the parkway, and,  b) to stop the vine from growing up into the tress.

For further information the Urban Forestry Division can be contacted at 213 473 6600. Other information sheets involving street trees and related matters can be obtained online at

Finally:  Oversized vehicles parking on designated city streets. The City Attorney’s office has been requested to draft an ordinance that would provide a procedure for adoption by the city council by which a Councilmember may establish restricted area or streets for oversized vehicles.  SCRA will follow events and will report further to our members,    

Here is the contact information for local council members.

Council member Paul Koretz - 818 971 3088 - E mail:  

Council member Paul Krekorian - 818 755 7676 - E mail:

Council member Tom La Bonge - 818 755 7630 - E mail:



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