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Burbank Airport Update on scheduling the PUBLIC MEETING On the Final Report

The Airport Authority has advised the scheduling of a special meeting of the Operations & Development Committee for a presentation of Landrum & Brown’s final report regarding the FAA’s implementation of NextGen in the Southern California Metroplex. As with the March 29th special meeting, this meeting will be on a Thursday evening to accommodate Glendale and Pasadena Commissioners who also serve on their City Council. The Airport Authority intends to hold this meeting as soon as possible once a venue with sufficient audience capacity has been secured, and it is anticipated that the meeting will occur in September or October. A notice will be issued once the date and location have been determined.

A website has been set up by “Studio City for Quite Skies” which is a coalition of concerned organizations and groups. For updates please log onto .

AND, an easy way to report airport noise from your phone:


Public Hearing for August 30 cancelled till further notice.

SCRA has been informed that Congressman Sherman’s office stated that in response to public demand the public meeting previously set for Thursday August 30 regarding flight patterns out of Burbank for August 30 meeting has been cancelled.

The Public Meeting will be rescheduled for a later date in September after Labor Day and avoiding Jewish holidays.


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