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Studio City 

Each year the Studio City Residents Association Board recognizes outstanding service to the community with the presentation of the Studio City Cares Awards.  Beginning in 2022, we started presenting these awards throughout the year.

Studio City Cares Award Recipients

With its mission to advocate for Studio City, the SCRA continues to be successful because of the many residents and volunteers who work together to enhance the community it serves. The SCRA’s Studio City Cares Award goes to individuals who have contributed much to enrich the economy, the children, and the cause-related initiatives that help those who may need an extra hand or a warm heart.


2024 Awards:
Connie Elliot- Fran Quigley Award



Past recipients include:


Excellence in Community Service

Luis Oliart 2022
Darnell Tyler 2020
Jessica Fugate 2019
Ron Dresher 2018
Frank Leon 2017
Esther Walker 2016
Rick Rabins 2015
Deuk Perrin 2014
Karl Johnson 2013
Barbara Monahan 2012
Francesca Corra 2011
Anita Hirsh 2009
Officer Mike Lewis 2008

Excellence in Business Leadership


Vicki Nussbaum 2020
Tony Richman 2019
David Geisen 2018
Corinne Verdery 2016
Karen Young 2014
Art Ginsburg 2013
Elizabeth Gulick 2012
Barry Wise 2008
Wendy Greuel

Excellence in Government Leadership

Blake Lamb 2020
Todd Gilman 2019
Robert Benavidez 2018
Rita Villa 2017
Hector Banuelos 2016
Ben Saltzman 2014
Lisa Sarkin 2013
Karo Torossian 2012
Michael Espinoza 2011
Joan Pelico 2009

Service to Youth Development

Joe Martinez 2020
Julian Bull 2019
James Astman 2018
Pia Sadaqatmal 2017
Laurie Shiers 2016
Kimberly Taweel 2015
Dorothy Barrett 2014
Casie Banks 2013
Melanie Winter 2011
Mike Lemus 2009

Fran Quigley Award *

Hirsh Family 2020 

(In Loving Memory of Great Community Activists,

Anita Hirsh and Stanley Hirsh)
Pastor Stephanie Jaeger 2019
Renee Weitzer 2016
Marion Dodge 2015
Carol Armstrong 2014
Sandra Reed Funnell 2013
Bill Harmond 2012
Marilyn White-Sedel 2011
Patty Kirby 2009
Kathy Hassett 2009
Laurie Cohn 2009
Lorena Parker
Polly Ward 2004
Barry Wise 2002
Michael Klausman 2001
Tony Lucente 2000
Art Howard 1998

The Fran Quigley Award

Fran Quigley

* The Fran Quigley Award is the highest honor given by the SCRA. 


 Fran was the founder and President of the Studio City Civic Committee that raised awareness and funds for schools and charities in Studio City.

In 1937 Fran came to Southern California on vacation and immediately knew this would be her new home. She found employment with the local Studio City Newspaper and, after a short while, became part owner. (The newspaper was located at 12345 Ventura Blvd., the present location of The Village Restaurant.)


Fran met her husband Bob in 1940; they were married in 1942. Bob was in the Navy and was transferred to Corpus Christi, Texas. They lived there until 1945 when they moved back to Studio City.

Fran resumed working for the Studio City Newspaper and became very involved with the Studio City Chamber of Commerce. She made it her goal to have all of the Studio City merchants become involved with their community through the Chamber increasing membership beyond expectations.

Fran and her husband moved back to Nebraska in 1948; they opened a restaurant. Along with the restaurant, Fran worked for the local newspaper writing her column on timely happenings in the area entitled “Quigley’s Quips and Quotes” and she taught at the local public school.

Returning to Studio City in 1952, Fran again became involved with the Studio City Chamber of Commerce working closely with the local businesses and the community and resumed her teaching career.

Through Fran’s continued association with the Chamber and the community, she became Founder and President of the Studio City Civic Committee that raised awareness and funds for schools and charities in Studio City.

In 1990 Tony Lucente President of the Studio City Residents Association contacted Fran and her Civic Organization and asked them to join with the SCRA. Fran became a board member of the SCRA and managed the SCRA office and its staff. She also headed the SCRA Museum and History Committee dedicated to preserving our Studio City culture. The artifacts and oral histories have subsequently been incorporated into the Museum of San Fernando Valley collections. Fran served until 2005. 

In 1994, the Civic Organization honored Fran with an award for Outstanding Service. The Organization named the award “The Fran Quigley Award” which ever since has been presented annually to outstanding members of the community for exemplary service. Fran’s health declined and in 2008 the Civic Organization disbanded. The remaining members requested that the SCRA continue the Fran Quigley Award. It was an honor that the SCRA board readily embraced. Fran will be missed but her dedication and commitment to civic duty will last for a very long time.

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