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From the President

Comments From the President

By Alan Dymond


  1. Harvard Westlake

  2. Burbank / Van Nuys Airports

  3. Community Plan update

  4. Studio City Farmers Market

  5. Newsletter

  6. Board Activities

  7. Volunteers

All About Me


 In 2017 Weddington Golf and Tennis was sold to 4141 Whitsett LLC a California Limited Liability Company, Harvard Westlake as Applicant filed for a permit to operate a Private School athletic and recreational facility with the Los Angeles Planning Department on the property owned by 4141 Whitsett LLC.       

The permit Harvard Westlake is applying for is a Conditional Use Permit. However, before the permit can be issued certain findings as stated below must be verified by the city department:

  • The project will enhance the surrounding neighborhood or will perform a function or provide a service that is essential or beneficial to the community or region.

  • The project’s location, size, height, operations, and other significant features will be compatible with and will not adversely affect or further degrade adjacent properties, the surrounding neighborhood, or the public health welfare and safety.

These two findings are the first of many steps to obtain a Conditional Use Permit that would permit Harvard Westlake to operate its athletic and recreational activities on Weddington Golf and Tennis site.

It is SCRA and SLAROS’ opinion upon its review of the preliminary application that the above two bullet points cannot be justified.   


 The Southern San Fernando Valley Airplane Noise Task Force voted to send 15 recommendations to the Federal Aviation Administration to address months of complaints from residents about increased airplane noise and flight concentrations from both the Hollywood Burbank and Van Nuys airports that are a result of the implementation of Next Gen flight paths by the FAA without community input of any environmental review.  

The recommendations include increasing climb rates and routing planes to higher elevations when passing over neighborhoods in the Santa Monica Mountains.  night curfews at both airports, greater dispersal of flights throughout the San Fernando Valley, and a recommendation for a noise level study focused on flight departures.

The recommendations of the Task Force will be evaluated by the FAA. There is no clear path for now what administrative action will be taken to resolve the noise impacts from jets departing these airports. Other sources may release current status as will the SCRA upon confirmation. The ultimate controlling goal is that the NexGen flight control system incorporates the principle that no one neighborhood should bear the brunt of the noise generated by jets taking off from Burbank Van Nuys Airports.

3.  COMMUNITY PLAN UPDATE For the Southeast Valley

SCRA sent a letter to the Planning Department that it considers including the multi-family residential properties and commercial properties sections from the 2008 Studio City Overlay. These multi-family residential properties and commercial properties in Studio City mirror the zoning that is in place in Valley Village as to height and floor-to-area ratio.


The SCRA manages the Studio City Farmers Market along with the Studio City Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Proceeds from the Market go back into the community with charitable donations to schools, other non-profits to ensure Studio City Beautification Association can maintain improvement projects, along with many other community benefits.


SCRA publishes a bi-monthly newsletter by email.  New print versions remain available to members who prefer a mailed print version. SCRA welcomes articles of interest, Op-Ed pieces. Please contact the SCRA for guidelines.  Become a member to receive the SCRA newsletter and the benefits of the membership discount card, join the Studio City Residents Association online at Studio City Residents


The SCRA in-person board meetings are suspended during the Covid 19 pandemic until restrictions are modified. The board continues its work by phone, emails, and video conferencing.


SCRA activities: additional volunteers are most welcome. Here are some categories that may be of interest.

  • Be briefed and attend several trial runs on meetings that are relevant to Studio City residents

  • Under direction, interface with offices of local political leaders on specific issues that need resolution and other city agencies.

  • Assist in the administration of SCRA and SLAROS websites to keep current and refreshed.

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