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The City of Los Angeles (“City”) has appealed from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Initial Determination Letter of December 12, 2018 by which 26 of the 34 requests for electronic records were withheld by the FAA. The request for information was made by City Councilmember Paul Krekorian’s October 29, 2018 under the Freedom of Information Act request (“FOIA request”).

To read the appeal by the City Attorney to the FAA decision to withhold certain information, click here : FOIA Appeal – 02-20-19

Below is an easy way to navigate this rather large document.

1 The opening pages 1-3 of the appeal February 20 state the basis for the appeal, the background and the records sought by the City.

2. Scroll down to the page marked EXHIBIT F (page 70 of document) . The following two pages (pages 71 and 72) are the FAA Determination Letter December 22 2018 that withholds 26 of the 34 electronic records requested.


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