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Burbank Airport Update

Important local resources, and what you can do to make a difference

Recent FAA changes to Hollywood Burbank Airport flight paths have resulted in drastic noise, health and safety impacts to neighborhoods, schools and businesses in the Valley. These changes were implemented with no notice to affected residents and no environmental review. What’s more, the FAA wants to make them permanent.

Several local groups have emerged and are working on behalf of the various impacted communities to challenge the FAA. Their websites are excellent sources of information.

Studio City for Quiet Skies is diligently working to educate the public, local organizations and elected officials on the problems arising from the new flight paths. For more information, go to StudioCityForQuiteSkies

UproarLA has retained legal counsel to represent LA residents. The attorney they hired previously represented the Phoenix residents in their successful lawsuit against the FAA on the same issues facing Los Angeles residents.

The City of LA has made it clear that the residents must protect their “standing to sue” (in the event it comes to that) and in the meantime be a part of any negotiations with the FAA. It is vitally important that our members are represented. To financially support the UproarLA Legal Fund, go to UproarLA.

SCRA is working with residents, businesses, the City of LA, as well as state and federal representatives to help bring about a solution that is fair and equitable to all. We demand that the FAA undertake a comprehensive environmental review process with ample opportunity for stakeholder input. All impacts to our communities must be studied and addressed before new flight paths are implemented, let alone made permanent.


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