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Burbank Airport Update – Letter to FAA

On April 4th a letter was sent to the Federal Aviation Administration in which additional information was requested and specific questions asked all in regard to the dramatic increases in aircraft noise and related problems for communities in the South San Fernando Valley and Santa Monica Mountains that are occurring due to changes in flight paths from Burbank Airport.

The letter referenced the undertaking of the FAA of an Environmental Assessment for the proposed changes to the OROSZ and SLAPP departure procedures from Burbank and the shift in flight paths over the past ten years since the new Metroplex procedures were implemented in 2017 and the impacts on the South San Fernando Valley.

Nine questions were posed to the FAA in the letter. The SCRA has been advised that the FAA spoke on the phone the following day, April 5th. with the City Attorney in which the FAA pledged to answer all the questions in the letter and would respond with a time line to provide answers. The seriousness of the issue and how residents are suffering was reiterated by the City Attorney during the call.

Click to see the link to the letter sent to the FAA by our City Attorney, Mike Feuer. Letter to FAA (Burbank) 4.4.19


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