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On October 30, 2017 Harvard Westlake announced they had agreed with Weddington Golf and Tennis to purchase the Weddington Golf and Tennis site that presently is designated as open space, open to the public.

As stated in the release: “The Weddington property acquisition will enable HarvardWestlake to re-evaluate the Parking, Safety & Athletic Improvement (PSA) Project that the school has proposed on land it owns just west of Coldwater Canyon across from the upper school campus.” In other words, the Coldwater facilities could be transferred from the Coldwater site to the Weddington Golf and Tennis site.

A request was made to Harvard Westlake president and Head of School asking what facilities from Coldwater are planned for the Weddington site and were any additional facilities to be installed? To date, SCRA has not received any response other than a call from the Head of School asking what our concerns are but he could not say what the goals or plans are. Until such time information as requested is made known to SCRA, and our members and other local organizations are fully informed, then SCRA position remains consistent. Open space, open to the public.

As a refresher and for our new members, from the late 70’s this property has remained open to the public. The Los Angeles River Natural Park was proposed and technical studies conducted that passed independent analysis. The proposed park conforms and is consistent with the goals and principles laid out in the LA River Index and will become part of and join in the Los Angeles River revitalization. The L.A. River Greenway that is immediately adjacent to Weddington Golf and Tennis will allow many to enjoy the river close up and connects Studio City to the revitalization of the Los Angeles River 51 mile greenway/bikeway.

Going forward. It is important that our member’s voices and all others are heard on the fate of this Open Space.

Alan Dymond, President


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