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HW Sports Campus : Athletic Fields

Troubling Element Number Nine

Harvard Westlake’s Application for Their Sports Campus

This is the ninth in our ongoing weekly series of News & Notes that explores key parts of the Harvard-Westlake Sports Campus Application at the Weddington Golf & Tennis location.


Harvard-Westlake’s Project Description states: “Football games will not be permitted at the Property”* HOWEVER, the Project Description is silent as to Soccer Games, Track Meets, and Lacrosse Games, and there’s nothing to restrict Special Events from being scheduled outside of regular hours.

The Project Description is also silent as to whether or not there will be a Public Address system or the use of megaphones and bullhorns. But it does include what Harvard-Westlake would like to build:

· 2 outdoor athletic fields (at least 76,900 sq. ft. each)

· 6 lane track surrounding one of the fields

· 743 spectator seats around the fields

· 14 flood lights between 50 and 80 feet tall

· A Score Board the size of a billboard (480sf)

· 80,249 sq. ft. gym with 1,026 spectator seats

· 6,499 sq. ft. in ancillary buildings

Harvard-Westlake made us a promise: “…we value the tranquility of the Weddington property and know that its neighbors do as well.”** None of us should expect any tranquility if Harvard-Westlake’s Sports Campus gets built in our neighborhood.

We welcome your comments and encourage you to do what you can. Forward this email to your friends and neighbors and contacting likeminded tennis enthusiasts and associations or individuals who would like to share in the facilities as was promised. Should you have any questions, please email us at and we will respond to you

* The above is based on the initial Application filed with the Department of City

Planning by Harvard Westlake. We will keep you updated as the process moves


**Letter dated October 30, 2017 to Dear Neighbors

If you have missed any of these weekly emails, you can find our series of emails on our website,


Volunteers Welcomed!

The Harvard Westlake Sports Campus has the potential of disrupting the residential area around it and impacting already notorious traffic patterns. Save LA River and the Studio City Residents Association are seeking the best result possible and, we are looking for volunteers for specific areas:

  1. Use your contact list to notify your neighbors

  2. Help put out lawn signs / distribute flyers

  3. Create graphics for flyers

  4. Expertise in technology

  5. ND any other talent that you can bring to the table

For information and updates visit



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