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Sidewalk Repair Program

The follow recommendations will be sent to the city council for adoption at some future date as part of a program to repair city sidewalks.

1. APPROVE the establishment of an incentive for a cost sharing rebate program for removal and replacement of concrete sidewalk with a cap of $2,000 per Lot in residential areas (R5 Zone and more restrictive) and $4,000 per Lot in commercial and industrial areas.

2. APPROVE that property owners participating in the cost sharing rebate program be required to cover the costs for planting and establishing each street tree that must be removed due to sidewalk repair, and that the City will assume the costs for planting and establishing any additional street trees that are required.

3. INSTRUCT the Board of Public Works to implement a Sidewalk Repair Program that reflects the cost sharing rebate program described in this report.

4. AUTHORIZE the Board to delegate specific elements of the program implementation, where appropriate, to a designee.

5. INSTRUCT the Board to report prior to the end of the fiscal year with recommendations to encumber any unspent Program funds for sidewalk repairs under the Access Request Program or adjacent to City facilities.

6. AUTHORIZE the Board to delegate specific elements of the Program implementation, where appropriate to a designee.

7. INSTRUCT the Chief Legislative Analyst (CLA) to work with the City Administrative Officer (CAO) and the Bureau of Engineering (BOE) as it relates to equity citywide within the Program.

8. INSTRUCT the BOE to report with a breakdown of how the funding for the Program will be expended (i.e. what percentage will be allocated towards rebates versus staffing and other costs).

9. AFFIRM that nothing in the above actions, and in the proposed Sidewalks Ordinance (C.F. No. 14-0163-S10), shall limit the City’s obligation under the second tree removal policy. That policy will remain in effect for the incentive program and all other programs.

10. INSTRUCT the BOE to expedite Recommendations No. 25 and 26 from the joint Public Works and Gang Reduction and Budget and Finance Committee report, approved by Council on March 29, 2016 (C.F. No. 14-0163-S3), regarding the use of alternative/sustainable materials in sidewalk repair, and to develop and issue a Request for Information to obtain information from industry experts.

The complete committee report re: Incentives, Eligibility Determination, Verification, Costs Estimates, Street trees, etc. and other information can be found at The city will set up a website once the program is approved.


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