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Special Conditions for FILMING in Colfax Meadows

Special Condition for FILMING in Colfax Meadows   (Tujunga Ave. on the east, Colfax Ave. on the west, Moorpark St. on the north and LA River on the south)

In an ongoing effort to balance the facilitation of “on location” filming with the needs of local Los Angeles neighborhoods, FilmL.A., Los Angeles City Council District Two, and the Los Angeles Police Department, have drafted a set of special conditions for the Colfax Meadows area.   Taking input from a recent community town hall meeting, as well as letters and emails received over the last few months, this set of special conditions was put together to allow the continued use of Colfax Meadows for filming, but to also ensure that residents are being treated in a respectful and courteous way.

If you click on there is a Filming Conditions Feedback Form. You can see what conditions are being considered. Comments will be accepted up until July 10th.


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