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Weddington Golf & Tennis : Presentation at SCNC Land Use Committee Meeting

Weddington Golf and Tennis Date now set for Presentation of Proposed 200 Condominiums.

7:00 p.m. Wednesday, November 9, 2016 CBS Studio Center, (Parking garage) on Radford Avenue, Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 655-5400

Hosted by the Studio City Neighborhood Council Land Use Committee

How to get to the meeting: Enter at the parking garage at the end of Radford, next to the LA River. (Vehicles and foot traffic) Advise Security you are going to the hearing for the Studio City Neighborhood Council Land Use Committee. They will give directions. (It is in Building 8 MPR 3)

Project Details in Brief:

  1. 200 Condominiums

  2. Removal of 8 tennis courts

  3. Lot will be split into two lots.

  4. Lot 2 – Zone change from Agriculture zoned to Residential so the condominiums can be built.

  5. Lot 1 – Will remain as Agriculture zoned for now. DEIR indicates this lot is reserved for future development.

We urge everyone to appear and be part of the discussion and Q and A session. This is the opening session before the Studio City Neighborhood Council whose prior board opposed any condominium project on this property.

  1. Agenda Item # 6 (Complete agendas will be provided at the meeting)

  2. Presentation by the applicant’s representative with a follow up Question and Answer that includes opportunities for public inquiry and comment.

  3. The committee chair has advised that this is a “fact- finding” meeting only. No motion for recommended action to the SCNC board will be made at this meeting (2 Hours).

  4. The discussion will be guided towards understanding the following :

  5. The new application and project scope relative to earlier applications and documentations including the original DEIR prepared under ENV-2001 1196-EIR.

  6. Development of strategy relative to likely sequence, time frame, and structure of this and repealed applications.

  7. Depth of developer’s commitment to their stated goal of enhanced outreach and engagement with the community.

To  find more information, go to :  Keeping You Informed


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